Grubville woman rescued after house catches fire

11:02 PM, Jan 7, 2013   |    comments
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Vernell Boyd reunited with her rescuers: Justin Swim, Zachary Kemp and Justin Leonard.

By Anne Allred

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. (KSDK) - Three good Samaritans driving along Highway 30 last Friday saw flames coming from a Jefferson County house a mile away. The men pulled over, acted on adrenaline and because of that, an 82-year-old grandmother is alive.

Vernell Boyd didn't even know her house was on fire. In fact, when the three young men tried to save Boyd from her burning home, she thought they were breaking in.

"I just shouldered the door, hit the door in and then we all split different ways to search for her," said good Samartian Justin Swim.

The men were driving down Highway 30 near Grubville when they saw the house was on fire.

"It was just spreading real fast. Across the bottom of the roof and within 15 minutes the whole house was up in a blaze," said .

Vernell's relatives, who live next door, came running over to help coax their grandmother out of the home. Once she was safe, the three men were willing to go back in.

"We asked if there was any pets or anything and they said no pets so then we came back out," Swim said.

The men even tried to fight the fire.

"We grabbed the hose and tried to hook the hose up, but it was frozen and about five to 10 minutes after that the fire department showed up," Swim said.

The three men left without any recognition at all. On Monday night, NewsChannel 5 helped reunite these three good Samaritans with the grandmother they saved.

"They don't know how much I appreciate it," Boyd said.

One of the good Samaritans, Justin Leonard, said, "I'm glad we were here at the right time. You never know what's gonna happen so we just acted on what we thought was right."


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