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Ladue School District & police pursue Instagram bully

8:13 PM, Jan 17, 2013   |    comments
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LADUE, Mo. (KSDK) - Someone posted a disturbing message on the social media site Instagram. It contained a photo of the gunman from the Connecticut school shooting.

Along with that photo was the message, "LOL, those rich... (expletive) who cry to the news stations can't stop me."

School officials considered it a broad threat and notified parents in a telephone message at 6:30 Thursday morning.

As a result, law enforcement personnel were posted outside every school in the district Thursday.

School district officials say attendance was down a bit, they believe, because some parents chose to keep their kids out of school as a precaution.

Police are investigating. This comes after an earlier incident, where somebody posted photos of students on Instagram under the heading "Ladue's ugliest."

Asked if monitoring social media sites is any staff member's job, acting superintendent Dr. Judy Sclair said that presents a dilemma for school districts. She added that she is sure Instagram did not have any malicious intent when they developed the application.

Ladue Police say they do consider posting the photo a crime. Investigators say they consider it peace disturbance or harassment.

Of course investigators would have to locate that person to pursue charges against him or her. That would require a subpoena for Instagram, who would then have to provide the name of the internet service provider and the subscriber. In light of the circumstances, school district officials have asked investigators to pursue that.


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