Club Good Times wants to go full nude

9:36 PM, Jan 28, 2013   |    comments
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By Chris Papst

COLUMBIA, Penn. (WHP/CNN) - A Pennsylvania strip club wants to up the ante and allow dancers to be fully nude.

It's a request that isn't sitting well with neighbors.

"First off, I don't think there's any community that wants this kind of business in their community," said Mayor Leo Lutz.

Lutz feels Club Good Times should not be full nude, and says the neighbors are on his side.

"The neighbors feel it's just not the kind of thing they want in their neighborhood. And we respect that," said Lutz.

"We've had them pee on our trash cans," said neighbor Jessica Segrest.

Segrest thinks it's a bad idea.

"There's kids all the time around here and they constantly see just all these women all these men going in here and at night they're loud," she said.

Ultimately, this issue will come down to zoning ordinances. The club is in a residential district, which prohibits adult entertainment. But since the business has been there, in some form, for 50 years, it falls under a different code.

Lawyers for the club say full nude should be granted because the borough doesn't allow it anywhere else. Neighbors say the BYOB club is a nuisance and they want to see it gone.

[Reporter]: "If it were full nude you think it would be worse?"

"Oh yes, oh yes, I think it would be much worse. It would bring the wrong kind of attention to Columbia," said Segrest.

A zoning meeting on the issue will be held on Wednesday.



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