Inside Jimmy Dykes' underground bunker

9:13 PM, Jan 31, 2013   |    comments
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By George Howell

MIDLAND CITY, Ala. (CNN) - Right now, a gunman holds a kindergarten student captive in an underground bunker.

Police say the man shot and killed a school bus driver on Tuesday, kidnapping a little boy.

Jimmy Davis Jr. and his family have been neighbors to Jimmy Dykes since he moved to this area and bought property here more than a year and a half ago, and Davis says he's seen the bunker first-hand.

"He actually told me it was a storm shelter, and I've not seen it in about eight to nine months. Not sure what he's done to update it or anything," said Davis.

[Reporter]: "So, when you saw that bunker, what did it look like? How wide, how deep was it?"

"It was like a 15-by-15-foot wide in length and about 12-foot deep, and it was lined with bricks, like the little red bricks," said Davis.

He says Dykes' travel trailer, where he lives, sits about 20 yards off the road on his property. Just behind the trailer is a massive steel shipping container that Davis says Dykes used as a shed. And behind that, slightly to the left, sits the underground square bunker.

"It actually had cinder blocks going down as steps, and it was covered up with two sheets of plywood and nailed together with hinges and stuff as a door to open to it," said Davis.

Davis saw the bunker early in its development. He says it had a tarp and sand over the top. He also noticed a PVC pipe buried in the ground that went from the bunker, all the way to the front gate.

Dykes told Davis that he put that in so that if he was in the bunker he could hear people or cars approach the front gate.

[Reporter]: "Did he ever give you an indication as to why he built this bunker?

"Storm shelter. That's what he told me. He said back when lived I forgot where he told me he used to live, but back where he lived, there was a bunch of tornadoes, and they would always hit close to his house, so he was preparing for it and wanted to make sure he had somewhere to get in," said Davis.

Davis says his relationship with dykes quickly deteriorated, though.

Just in December, he says dykes fired a pistol at him and his family while they were in their pickup truck.

The two men were due in court Wednesday, where dykes was to face a charge of menacing, but since allegedly kidnapping a child and killing a man, Dykes is now in much deeper, hiding out underground.


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