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St. Peters soldier prepares for 3rd deployment to Afghanistan

11:35 PM, Feb 12, 2013   |    comments
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ST. PETERS, Mo.(KSDK) - A large part of President Obama's State of the Union address was about freedom and those who fight for it.

He promised 34,000 troops will come home from Afghanistan by this time next year. That represents more than half of the Americans deployed to the war-torn country.

St. Peters resident, Mat Gehrin, has a younger brother who is an Army Sergeant based in Tacoma, Washington. Sgt. Jeff Gehrin has been deployed three times. Two of the deployments were to Afghanistan and the 25 year old is slated to go there again in November as part of the 2nd Infantry Division.

The President's promise gave Mat some relief because he believes the U.S. Armed Forces, including his brother, are stretched to thin.

"My brother for four years in a row was either deployed or getting ready to be deployed. It makes it difficult to accept him being in [the Army] not because he is in harms way but because he is constantly in harms way," said Mat Gehrin.

There is no word on whether Sgt. Gehrin will still be deployed.

"I'm pretty sure he'll get deployed somewhere it just might not be Afghanistan," Mat Gehrin said.

Mat also spoke to his brother on the phone about President Obama's announcement. Mat said Sgt. Gehrin says he doesn't have an opinion on the withdrawal plan. His only comment was that the Army is his job and he goes where the Army tells him to go.



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