James Major accused of stealing Krispy Kreme truck

9:52 AM, Feb 13, 2013   |    comments
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By Kerry Kavanaugh

GWINNETT Co. Ga. (WSB/CNN) - An Atlanta-area man is facing charges for allegedly stealing a donut truck, and the whole thing was caught on camera.

Was it a crime of opportunity, a chance for a joy ride, or a thief with one heck of a sweet tooth?

"Nobody would like the donut that much that they stole the whole truck," said store owner Peter Thakkar.

Hard to believe, but Thakkar has the proof.

On Thursday night, the Krispy Kreme delivery man arrived at the Quick Shop on Dacula Road on schedule.

Store surveillance video shows him unloading the trays of fresh Krispy Kremes.

"He didn't even stay more than probably two minutes in the store," said Thakkar.

But another camera shows another man approaching the truck. Seconds later, he and the truck are gone.

One can only imagine the glazed look in the driver's eyes when he realized what happened.

The store clerk immediately called the police.

Police say the driver, James Freddy Major, lead them on a nearly 15 mile chase. He went from Dacula Road, down 316, to Interstate 85.

He eventually came to a dead end in a residential neighborhood. Police say he tried to run, but a police dog tracked him down.



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