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What to do if you see a tornado while driving

1:11 PM, Feb 20, 2013   |    comments
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By Mike Roberts

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - So much of what you do if you're in your car when a tornado threatens is a judgment call on your part, but you should try your best not to be here in the first place.

Take the severe thunderstorm watches and tornado watches seriously and if a line of severe storms is moving in, and don't go out.

If you are in your car when a tornado strikes and you can very clearly see what direction the tornado is going, drive at a right angle away from it but, remember, it won't be easy.

If you decide you're going to stay in your car, pull safely off the roadway and get below the window level (after all this is just glass), buckle your safety belt, and cover your head.

If you decide to leave the car, know that an overpass is not an option; it will only help the winds go faster.

If an overpass is not an option, where should you go? Get below the level of the roadway. There may be hail or flying debris, so you want to get as low as possible.

A tunnel could also be an option because it will provide protection, but be aware that it may flood.

You should also crouch down as far as possible and cover your head.

Most importantly, you must always remember, no matter what kind of severe weather you're dealing with, if you're going to be safe, you must participate in your own survival.


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