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Buying staples and sweets before snow storm

10:42 PM, Feb 20, 2013   |    comments
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By Elizabeth Matthews

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - It's time to stock up. Many people hit the stores on the way home from work the night before the winter storm to get ready.

The stores were pretty busy with those people looking for their staple items.

"Relax, sleep not do homework," says Aurelio Stucco, a student who's crossing his fingers for a snow day.

This was the shopping cart for the Stucco family, filled with snow day treasures.

That positive sentiment was shared at the Dierberg's in Brentwood Wednesday afternoon.

"Bagels, my kids really like bagels and so I thought if we are stuck inside tomorrow if school is closed that I will give them a treat," say Savannah Fuchs and admits her list of staple items for a storm is a short. "My storm preparedness system, bagels, milk orange juice, and for sledding, hot chocolate."

Dierberg's is also preparing by adding 5-6 extra employees per shift and asking suppliers for extra goods.

"Bump up the numbers and order a little heavy to get prepared for Wednesday, Thursday," says Assistant Store director, Dereck LaPorte.

Over at the hardware store the story is a little different. Salt sales are up the day before the storm at Scheidt's True Value in Maplewood.

"It's the only way we make any money in the wintertime, is when it storms," says clerk Roger Mccreight.

He says since Christmas they haven't sold a single sled, but in just 24 hours they've sold 75 bags of salt.

"Getting a couple of bags last minute for the clients," says Bob Krull of Rescue Landscaping as he picks up two more bags of salt. "Going out taking care of a couple driveways, sidewalks, condos things like that."

Most folks seem to be prepared, while some are a little excited.

"If we are safe at home and and electricity stays on we can watch movies we can go sledding, we can drink hot chocolate, it will be good," says Fuchs.

Stores will be open Thursday so don't worry, if you forgot something.
The hardware store says normally the day of the snow is when they will sell their sleds and shovels.



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