MoDOT and IDOT work to clear roads after storm

9:08 PM, Feb 22, 2013   |    comments
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ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - MoDot and IDot crews worked through Thursday night and all through Friday to clear the roads as best as possible.

MoDot had more than 200 trucks out during the storm and in the aftermath.

Crews focused overnight on getting the driving lanes cleared on the main highways, but much of that snow ended up on the shoulders, and in some cases in far right lanes.

Friday's focus has been getting those walls of snow off of the road, and clearing all the ramps.

We got many complaints from viewers and even within our newsroom about what some called a slow response from MoDot compared to IDot, but MoDot is standing by its response.

"There was a lot of wintry mix that came down really fast," says MoDot Engineer Tom Blair. "All agencies, MoDot and other agencies, worked diligently to try to keep up with it. When it finally stopped, the major precipitation late afternoon was really the first opportunity we had to really make a difference. Before that we were in the middle of a storm that was coming down faster than we could remove whatever mother nature threw on the ground."

IDot officials say their biggest challenge was how to tackle the roads in different parts of their 11 counties. We're told there was more freezing rain to the south, and snow and sleet to the north.

"We were able to do a lot of the work before the traffic got heavy. And also overnight when there's not much traffic we were able to finish cleaning the roads because the temperatures were high enough," says IDot Engineer Jeff Keirn.

In a nutshell, IDot trucks were able to keep going while MoDot trucks had more trouble getting around to clear the snow.

One more thing slowing down MoDot's cleanup efforts has been abandoned cars. They're working with Missouri Highway Patrol and encouraging anyone whose car is still on the side of the road to move it so they can do their job.


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