Sequestration could hit local businesses hard

11:06 PM, Feb 22, 2013   |    comments
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(CNN) - If Washington lawmakers can't reach an agreement, forced federal spending cuts will go into effect March 1.

Pentagon spokeswoman Jessica Wright says military families across the country will be put out of work.

"This is not a beltway phenomenon. More than 80% of our civilians work outside of the DC metro area. They live and work in every state of the union. If furloughs are enacted civilians will experience a 20% decrease in their pay between late April and September," said Wright.

The Army estimates the budget the cuts, known as sequestration, will affect more than 300,000 jobs nationwide.

The cuts will not only hurt the families that must take the furloughs, but the local businesses that depend on the military business as well.

Texas, Virginia and Pennsylvania will be the hardest hit states.


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