Crossfit Opens Classes to Young Athletes

12:40 PM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
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One local Crossfit gym is now offering classes to kids and teens. Crossfit Valley Park has been offering classes to adults for about five years, but they're now certified to train athletes of all ages.

"It's the same program for teens and adults and the kids. It's just a scaled version. Crossfits a strength and conditioning program. We focus on functional movements at a certain level of intensity," explained Margaret Junker, Crossfit Valley Park.

The teen class targets 12-16 years olds. They begin with a warm-up and move to a strength skill.

"Then we will do what is called a WOD or a workout of the day and that's when the teens heart rate really get up when they're working hard and they're pushing themselves," said Junker.

The kids class is aimed at kids 5-11. They begin their workout with a game.

Coach Junker also offers Pre-K classes.

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