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PRACS Institute test subjects owed money, and worried about info

11:59 PM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
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St. Charles (KSDK) - Tuesday, attorneys for a bankrupt St. Charles business will be in court trying to figure out if hundreds of medical study participants can be paid the money they are owed. At the same time, people have contacted News Channel Five with new concerns about the PRACS Institute.

Last week when participants showed up at PRACS to be paid for medical studies they'd completed they learned the company was closed and participants say no one was paid what they were promised.

Now many of the same participants are also concerned their personal information may be at risk. Some say they watched employees take computers out of the building as PRACS was closing.

An attorney for PRACS says he does not believe any personal information is at risk. But, he says the company is taking the potential problem seriously.

One man who says he completed a study that should have earned him more than $1,000 asked that he not be identified and is worried about who will have access to his social security number and personal medical information.

"They keep where's that at?" he asked. "Who knows what could happen?"
The Missouri Attorney General's office is encouraging anyone owed money by PRACS to call the AG's office at 800-392-8222 or file a report online at
An attorney for PRACS says he hopes to have more information for people who are owed money by next week.


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