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Aeriel Dixon talks about dog attack

9:42 PM, Apr 1, 2013   |    comments
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By Farrah Fazal

FLORISSANT, Mo. (KSDK) - A regular day turned into a rough day in a matter of moments on Saturday.

Aeriel Dixon walked up to a door in Florissant to deliver the mail. She walked away barely alive on her second week as a postal carrier.

"The dog came charging out of the screen door. He went to my arms first. When he bit my leg, I came to the ground. I could immediately see blood gushing out of my leg and I could see pink stuff. I felt at the moment it was happening I was being bitten alive. Will I be able to see the next couple of hours? " she said.

Chevy is the dog who attacked Dixon. He came charging out of Joseph Thompson's home. Thompson was dog sitting for a few hours when Chevy got loose. Thompson said he ran after the dog.

"He was going after her neck. I was fearing for her and me. I've never seen anything like that blood blood all over. I felt real bad. I was crying that whole night," he said. He couldn't stop thinking about the attack on Dixon. He said it lasted about 10 minutes.

Thompson said a man named Jeff Ellis owns the dog. He lives in O'Fallon. Thompson tried to reach Ellis. Ellis told him he wasn't responsible for what his dog did. Ellis told NewsChannel 5 the same thing.

Florissant Animal Control said Ellis won't have to destroy the dog. He's only charged with not having a valid rabies license for Chevy.

Chevy is in animal control now. He'll stay there until Ellis goes to pick him up.

Dixon is in the hospital. She'll stay there until she can recover. Doctors tell her she'll have to wait and see if her limbs will work they way they used to.

Her regular day now is rough. She's on drugs that kill the pain. They just don't take away the memory of the attack. Not much right now, can do that.



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