Caroline Glaser gets two chairs to turn on 'The Voice'

3:58 PM, Apr 9, 2013   |    comments
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By Heidi Glaus

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - It's one thing to stand on that big bright stage behind "The Voice" coaches, but quite another to be helpless parents in that room off stage anxiously waiting and watching.

"You see it on TV and you just can't believe what it's like, but I'm telling you what it is terrifying, thrilling, hoping your daughter is going to get her dream come true, it was absolutely amazing," explained Josh Glaser, Caroline Glaser's dad.

"Well I was just thinking about all of the piano lessons we had been through and voice lessons when she was just a little bitty girl and all of that flashes back and then you start to get really really emotional and then there she is on stage and it's just overwhelming, overwhelming joy," Mitzi Glaser, Caroline's mom added.

Especially after not one judge, but two turned their chairs. Something obviously Caroline's parents have known for months, but weren't allowed to mention.

"The hardest part I would say would be the time that's past where a lot of friends and family, you know we couldn't say anything about it. They'd feel bad for you and see you at the grocery store and say oh your poor daughter she dropped out of college, she must have been homesick or something and now you know we're going it was really something pretty good, we're pretty excited about it," Josh pointed out.

Actually it's not just her parents who are excited even the coaches who didn't turn were impressed.

"Congratulations it's going to be fun to watch you," Adam Levine told Caroline during the show.

And then there's everyone else.

"Our phone was just ringing off the hook and there were texts coming in and then our computers were all just like, it was just crazy! People that we haven't heard from for a very long time, it's amazing who's come out to say oh my gosh is that really your daughter," Mitzi said.

Now we all have to sit back and wait for the battle rounds.

"She's getting ready for the next round and I think she's really excited about getting the chance to sing another song," her dad said.

But so far, so good for Caroline Glaser, an 18-year-old from Chesterfield who is now on Team Blake.


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