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Dennis Brown describes Hazelwood storm as 'thief in the night'

10:30 AM, Apr 11, 2013   |    comments
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HAZELWOOD, Mo. (KSDK) - The roofs were peeled back "like banana peels," according to Dennis Brown, a resident of the Teson Garden Apartments in Hazelwood.

Brown said he heard a loud roar and the building was shaking when the storm rolled through Wednesday night.  He went to the basement to seek shelter and he said it came through like a thief in the night.

"All I could say was God save us," said Brown.

Photos: Hazelwood storm damage

The maintenance worker, who also is a resident at the complex, was sleeping in his bed when the storm hit.  He said the wind blew out a window and the glass cut his back. Tree limbs also landed on his kitchen table.

The mayor of Hazelwood told NewsChannel 5 Thursday morning that there was a gas leak on Teson Road and NewsChannel 5 crews smelled gas in the area.  Laclede Gas told NewsChannel 5 they did not receive any information about a gas leak in Hazelwood but turned off 300 gas meters in the area as a precaution. 

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