Valle Lake Dam flowing into spillway, residents told to get to higher ground

5:41 PM, Apr 18, 2013   |    comments
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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. (KSDK) - Officials in Jefferson County are asking residents near Valle Lake to get to higher ground as a precaution, after Valle Lake Dam started flowing into the spillway.

Capt. Ron Arnhart with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says the dam is still intact. Most flooding issues are in the southern areas of Jefferson County.

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The dam is located two miles east of De Soto.

Heavy rains have caused flooding across the area.

The spillway has been overpowered by the rainwater. The water is rushing over a roadway that leads to a number of homes.

That water though isn't stopping drivers in SUVs and compact cars from passing through the area.

The water is around eight to ten inches deep, down from a peak of 30 inches earlier Thursday.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is urging all residents who live near a body of water to get to higher ground.

"As far as the dam, it wasn't any danger of breaching, of any type. That's the reason this four foot wall is back here, is to keep it from washing over the back side of the dam and breaching it," said longtime Jefferson County resident Sydney Young.

While the spillway has water on it, the dam is in very good shape. There is no indication the dam is in jeopardy.

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North of the St. Louis area, the City of Clarksville is racing to fill sandbags to build a wall to prevent the city becoming flooded.

Mayor Jo Anne Smiley is asking for volunteers to fill sandbags.  No volunteer will be turned away.  If you would like to volunteer, go to City Hall, located at 111 Howard Street.


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