NewsChannel 5 producer in Boston during bombings

11:23 PM, Apr 21, 2013   |    comments
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Boston (KSDK)--It was supposed to be a weekend of fun and sisterly bonding. Eileen Lambert and producer Sheila Rice went to Boston to watch their sister Joan Becker run the marathon. Just 20 minutes after Becker crossed the finish line the first explosion happened.

Lambert and Rice had gone to the family area behind the finish line to look for Becker. All three were about a block away from the blasts. They, like hundreds of others around them, knew something horrible had happened, but their view was blocked by buildings.

What they could see were people running and crying. Panic slowly spread through the crowd when race volunteers and police officers started telling people to run.

Then there were the emergency vehicles coming from all directions, marked and unmarked all with sirens blaring. At one point Rice counted as 15 ambulances passed by.

The sisters eventually made it safely to their hotel two blocks away.

Becker crossed the finish line at 3:49, a personal record.  But there was no celebrating that night or in the days to come. Lives were lost, others changed forever.

Becker qualified for next year's Boston Marathon and she's going to run. Her sisters will be there as well, cheering her on from the sidelines.


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