De Soto begins clearing flood debris

6:58 PM, Apr 25, 2013   |    comments
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By Steve Patterson

DE SOTO, Mo. (KSDK) - Crews are finally starting to clear out a big mess in De Soto after flooding turned roads into rivers for several days.

Officials in town say the city's garbage contractor Waste Management is sending trucks to start clearing out the water-logged waste left in massive piles after the storm.

More than 140 homes were affected. The city says probably a 'handful' were destroyed. As of Thursday night, about ten homes remain without power.

"It's just devastating. You're devastated," said resident Gwen Scott whose home was badly damaged in the flooding. "It's not as bad as people who've lost lives, but it's just as bad as anything else."

Faith-based organizations have swarmed area neighborhoods, providing support to nearby residents.

De Soto Community Church of God Pastor Steve Leach is in charge of the Facebook page "De Soto Flood Relief" for residents to network and ask for help where needed.

"We just use it as a social networking to get people aware of the need," Leach said.

Despite a strong showing from community volunteers and churches, some residents are criticizing the city's organized response.

City Manager David Dews says officials have had no help at the State or Federal level and admits parts of the response have been a slow process, but says the city is doing everything to provide support.

"This part is tough," he said, "They want answers, they want help. A lot of times answers do not come very quickly and the help, well, his appears to be one of those incidents where we're on our own."

Dews says over the next few weekends, crews from Waste Management will come in and clear the remaining waste.

He promised to update NewsChannel 5 with any critical updates for residents.


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