Levee breach in Lincoln County, Mo.

9:36 PM, Apr 26, 2013   |    comments
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LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. (KSDK) - The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Warning in east central Lincoln County until 12 a.m. Saturday after Bob's Creek levee, southeast of Winfield, breached Friday afternoon.

This levee is about ½ mile from Pin Oak levee, which breached in 2008.

The 150 feet breach will affect areas north, up to Foley. Barry Nuss with the Lincoln County Fire Protection District #1 says the water will reach the Winfield Acres subdivision, which has 50 to 55 homes. Water is already in the yards and will get into the homes.

PHOTOS: Lincoln County flooding

Water is expected to rise significantly in parts of Foley and Winfield, east of Highway 79.

Around 40 homes in Foley are threatened.

All residents in this area should take necessary precautions. Officials say they cannot predict how much flood water will fill the Winfield/Foley area.

Firefighters are going door-to-door in affected areas to warn residents of the coming water. At this point evacuation is voluntary, not mandatory because waters are steadily rising, not rushing.

Officials say residents should grab valuables and get to higher ground.

The levee breach was discovered as firefighters checked the levees by boat because they noticed something was not right with the flow of water between Foley and Winfield.

The Pin Oak, Mississippi River, and all other levees remain intact.

Additional flooding near Ferrelgas is also a possibility.

Motorists are reminded to never drive through flood water.


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