Three teenagers rescued from flood waters in Jefferson County

10:28 PM, May 4, 2013   |    comments
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Jefferson County, MO (KSDK)--Three teenagers are recovering after being pulled from floodwaters early Saturday morning in Jefferson County.  The rescue happened near the Big River access park on Browns Ford Road around midnight.

"A group of people accidentally drove their vehicle off into the water that was across the roadway ," says Mick Fischer with the Cedar Hill Fire Protection District.  "From what I understand, the vehicle was swept off the roadway.  They were able to exit the vehicle and able to hang on to some trees."

Someone in the car behind them called 911.  Desoto Rural Fire Department responded and called in mutual aid.  Fischer brought in the boats from Cedar Hill.

"When we got there, the vehicle had been swept away.  We didn't even know where it was."

Once the boats were there, the rescue took about15 minutes and the teens were rescued and taken to a local hospital.

Though the area is prone to flooding, Fischer says having so much has caught people with their guard down.

"When we get these small rains it's causing these small creeks and rivers to rise rapidly and people aren't used to that especially last year after the drought.  It's been a long time since we had a lot of water in the area and people just aren't paying attention to what they're doing."

He says the best rule is if the water is across the road, don't even drive through it.

"...because you don't even know if the road is there. The road could have washed away.  There could have been a ditch there that washed out.  So if you can't see the road, if it's under water, the term that we're trying to push is 'Turn around don't drown.'"

He tells us flash flood situations can be especially dangerous because water can be moving very fast, and it only takes about six to eight inches to move a car off the road.

No word on the condition of those three teenagers, but their injuries are not believed to be life threatening.















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