'The Book House' desperate to stay in business

9:40 PM, May 7, 2013   |    comments
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By Anne Allred

ROCK HILL, Mo. (KSDK) - A small group rallied Tuesday night at The Book House in Rock Hill. Fans of the store are trying to keep the store from going out of business.

Landlord Rex Stahl has served store owner, Michelle Barron, with a notice of eviction effective on July 31, 2013.

The Book House has been off Manchester Road in Rock Hill for 35 years. The home it's located in dates back at least 150 years. There is a proposed plan to tear down the building along with other buildings located on Stahl's private lot to make way for a developer to erect a storage facility.

Fans of the store have circulated a petition asking the City of Rock Hill to keep the building from being torn down. The petition has about 1,600 signatures. There is also a Facebook campaign collecting donations to help Barron stay in business. She says in an ideal world someone would buy the building for what she estimates would be about $300,000 and allow her to keep operating.

But, Barron realizes that likely won't happen. The next best thing she says would be to collect around $50,000 to relocate the store. If neither works, Barron says she'll have to shut down and go to an online-only business.

"We'll just have to go into a warehouse space because that's cheaper but we won't have an open shop anymore. But, we're trying really hard not to let that happen because I think people really need open book stores," Barron said.

Click here to sign the petition on Change.org.


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