Habitat for Humanity volunteers build five homes in south St. Louis

10:23 PM, May 11, 2013   |    comments
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St. Louis (KSDK)--Just days after thousands of dollars worth of tools were stolen from Habitat for Humanity sites in St. Louis, volunteers blitzed the Carondelet neighborhood in South St. Louis to work on five new homes.

"They were power tool type things. Drills and saws and that kind of stuff," says Habitat House Leader Teri Finan. "It's discouraging. They were brand-new tools and we were all really thrilled. That was a big deal for us to get the new Dewalt tools. So, it was a little disappointing."

Despite the theft, these Habitat volunteers kept the show moving for the conclusion of Habitat for Humanity's Women Build Week.

"We have been helped out in so many ways to keep us going because the St. Louis community understands that. We're not going to stop," Finan says.

80 volunteers, mainly women, worked on five houses.

"We actually filled up all of our slots about a month early," says Ann Herrington. "So we had a wait list for this event of people that wanted to come out and take part in this and put their skills to work."

Wendy McPherson is one of the volunteers. She moved into her Habitat House in 2006.

"I'm touching lives the same way mine was touched."

The Habitat for Humanity St. Louis Womens' Build started in 1996. It is always the week leading up to Mother's Day.

"It's very empowering because we are uniting as women with one goal in mind, one purpose in mind: touching lives and making a difference in the community," McPherson says.

"My mom was out here earlier just to gawk and take pictures. But we've got a couple of mother-daughter crews here," adds Herrington.

And they all raised money to participate. $12,500 was raised for Habitat.

Since they met their fund raising goal, Lowes is going to give Habitat a $5,000 gift card. We're told they're going to use it to buy more tools.









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