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Bridgeton landfill: Agreement reached between state, landfill owner

10:48 AM, May 14, 2013   |    comments
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BRIDGETON, Mo. (KSDK) - The company that operates a north St. Louis County landfill signed a legally binding agreement with the state of Missouri to cover costs associated with cleaning and monitoring of the site following numerous complaints of a fetid odor, Attorney General Chris Koster said Tuesday.

The attorney general filed a lawsuit against Republic Services on March 27 outlining a series of violations of state environmental law. According to Koster, Tuesday's agreement also means Republic must reimburse any cost to state agencies for monitoring and sampling of the air and soil at the landfill site.

A timeline was put in place for Republic to complete certain projects at the site, like removing the top sections of reinforced concrete pipes, which have been identified as contributing to the odor. The pipe removal is likely to cause the odor to get worse for neighboring communities. Republic will install a landfill cap that should capture and eliminate the foul gases from reaching the surface and fanning out.

People living near the landfill said the smell often gave them headaches and complained of nausea. Some described it as rotten eggs, or the smell of a dead body.

Republic began notifying residents of its lodging program on May 7. The company will pay for any extended hotel accommodations during excavation work. Residents who want to stay with friends or family during this stretch will be provided $125 per week as compensation.

The excavation of those reinforced concrete pipes is slated to begin May 20. The work is expected to be completed by Labor Day.

The Missouri Coalition for the Environment had asked the landfill company to offer to pay for temporary housing for people who live within three miles of the landfill. However, Republic is providing that service for those within one mile of the landfill.

NewsChannel 5 will have more information on this story as it becomes available.


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