7-year-old-girl escapes kidnapper's trunk

12:24 PM, May 15, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA (KXTV) - Investigators with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department need help finding a man who grabbed a 7-year-old girl while she was out for a walk with her mom in south Sacramento on Saturday.

The girl managed to escape and is OK.

Witnesses described the abductor as between 25 and 35 years old with light-brown skin, between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet tall, with black, shoulder-length hair worn either in braids or dreadlocks.

Neighbors said it was at the corner of 47th Avenue and 54th Street where the man grabbed the little girl and threw her in the trunk of his car.

"You can't be comfortable or safe anywhere anymore," Audrey Luna said.

That's how neighbors like Luna have felt since Saturday afternoon when the man pulled up to a mother walking with her daughter and snatched the little girl within seconds.

"This is in broad daylight. Who does a thing like that?" Luna asked.

The kidnapper didn't get very far. Witnesses said he only made it about a block before his plan hit a major snag.

Christina Covey could hear tires screeching and came running out of her home.

"She [the 7 year old] was laying on the ground when I saw her, but the car was still there, and then she finally got up and came to my husband as I was running out there in the street looking for the car, but he had already hit the corner," Covey said. "I started talking to her and that's when she was telling us, 'he stole me; he stole me.'"

Covey said the little girl explained how she managed to escape from the trunk of the car.

"When he snatched her, he threw her in, and he tried to close it, but he didn't close it all the way 'cause of her leg, her foot was still there," Covey said.

Covey and her husband told the girl how proud they were of her and walked her down the block back to her mom.

"She wanted to go back to her mom. She was so worried about her mom. That's what she kept saying: 'my mom is worried about me. My mom is worried about me,'" Covey said.

With the victim safe, neighbors turned their attention to the hunt for the kidnapper.

"I was so mad. I just wanted to get the dude and snatch him and kill him. I just wanted to get him," Covey said.

Investigators said the little girl had what they described as minor scratches, but she was able to escape without any serious injury.


Sacramento police Officer Michele Gigante says investigators were looking at the incident in possible connection to a suspicious incident May 8 at Honor Parkway and Bill Bean Parkway also in south Sacramento. That Wednesday afternoon, an 11-year-old girl told officers a man in a black SUV pulled up to her and told her to get in his car. She ran away.

The man was described as black, in his 20s, with long, black hair.


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