Joan Koelling, Roger Leesmann feud caught on tape, sheriff investigating

5:12 PM, May 20, 2013   |    comments
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By Leisa Zigman I-Team Reporter

WARREN COUNTY, Mo. (KSDK) - A long time feud between two neighbors has the I-Team digging for answers and trying to make peace.

Joan Koelling e-mailed NewsChannel 5 last week saying her neighbor threatened her with a hammer, she fears for her life, and she has it all on video. A Warren County Sheriff's investigator saw the video but told her she should have rolled up her window and driven away.

Koelling has been feuding with her Marthasville neighbor Roger Leesmann for about five years. But last Tuesday, she captured what she says a threat on her cell phone. The video shows Leesmann coming out of his mother's home carrying a hammer and saying, "When I get done with you, you'll be sorry....and I hope you die real soon."

"I really believe in my heart that this man is going to kill me and if I don't get it out to the public and it doesn't stop, he's going to catch me," said Koelling.

She has five years of documents showing her restraining order against him, and his against her. There have been investigations and lawsuits and what seems like a lifetime of feuding between these two.

"Even before I got to his mother's house he was cussing at me. Then, I just stopped and filmed him because Warren County has told me, my attorney has told me, film him, get it on tape," she said.

After our interview, a truck waved us down as we were leaving town. It was Roger Leesmann. NewsChannel 5 went to Marthasville City Hall to hear his side of the story.

"I haven't done a damn thing to that woman. I will not pull a gun on her, a knife on her. I just wave at her dumb ass," he said.

Reporter: "Did you come at her with a hammer?

"I was working on my mom's house," he said. He added that she was harassing him by constantly taking photos of him.

Both Koelling and Leesmann say they want to be left alone and co-exist.

The question sheriff's investigators and the prosecutor will have to answer is whether Leesmann was minding his own business or making a threat.

A sheriff's deputy tried to download the video last week but couldn't. The sheriff of Warren County, Kevin Harrison, said his department is investigating but until they have the video, he says he can't determine whether charges should be filed.


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