Extra patrols at Busch Stadium for soccer match

9:45 PM, May 22, 2013   |    comments
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By Elizabeth Matthews

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Security around Busch Stadium is as tight as it is during a World Series game.

England's premier soccer clubs Chelsea and Manchester City are in town for a historic exhibition match Thursday and the St. Louis police chief says the increase is necessary after the Boston marathon bombing.

The police presence was obvious Wednesday night for Chelsea's training. Chief Sam Dotson says it's a practice for the soccer team and a practice for police.

PHOTOS: Fans attend practice match at Busch Stadium

"With what happened in Boston, it is a little scary" said soccer fan Mark Basler.

"I think it's the reality that we live in that we have to approach events like this with an extra eye towards security," said Chief Dotson.

He says they started putting things into place at Busch Stadium earlier this week, but started planning for it as soon as the event was announced. The signs are everywhere: K-9 units, officers on foot, and on bikes.

"Work with the Highway Patrol to monitor the highways, we have extra cameras in the downtown area," said the chief. "We talked to the FBI, we've talked to Homeland Security, there are no threats towards the game there are no threats towards the City of St. Louis."

So for two days Busch Stadium is being transformed into a soccer mecca.

"This is what we die for in St. Louis, we've been wanting a professional team for a long time and this is just a start," said soccer fan Bart Andert.

An opportunity of a lifetime and police want to make sure that opportunity is safe and sound. It's also an opportunity to reach out and raise money for Cardinals Care and the children affected by the Moore, Okla. tornado.

"They are part of Cardinal Nation there's a lot of Cardinal fans down there and we want to make sure that we reach out and let them know that we know and we care," said Cardinals Care Executive Director Michael Hall.

Showing they care by taking $1 of every ticket sold and sending it to Oklahoma.

"The teams themselves each team matched that amount," said Hall.

In just 24 hours they've already raised more than $135,000 for children affected by the deadly twister.

If you would like to donate to the children of Moore, Oklahoma visit the St. Louis Cardinals' website.


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