Golf teaches life lessons

9:40 PM, May 23, 2013   |    comments
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By Art Holliday

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) - A lot of people believe golf imitates life. Mistakes happen, forgive yourself.

Some things are beyond your control. You can always learn something new on a golf course, about yourself and about life. As golfer Patty Katzfey put it, "let the game teach you."

We're all searching for something. Sometimes it's a golf ball. Other times it's something more meaningful.

"Patience. A lot of patience," said Katzfey, before teeing off at the Highlands Golf Course in Forest Park. "Make good decisions and when things don't go right just roll with it."

Need a reminder that life isn't fair? Play 18 holes.

"You're gonna get some good breaks, you're gonna get some bad ones," said pro golfer Scott Simpson, competing at the Senior PGA at Bellerive. "Now what do you do?"

Whether you're a pro like Scott Simpson, or a part time golfer, there are lessons to be learned: In golf and in life, anger is not part of the solution

"When I was a kid I got angry and threw clubs and all that stuff," said Simpson. "You learn the good players don't. You've gotta learn to control your emotions."

Learning to control emotions is one of the goals of The First Tee, a national kids program that teaches golf and more. About 30 kids took part in a First Tee event at the Highlands. Ashley Nicks is one of the instructors.

"We're teaching them nine core values about respect, and honesty and judgement, how to make good decisions when they're not with their parents," said Nicks.

And what about being in the moment and forgetting the previous shot, no matter how bad it might have been?

"You can't change what you just did," said Dennis Eichholz, in between practice shots, "but you can have an impact on what comes next. It's making good decisions just like in life, on the golf course."

In the golf cart of life, don't forget to enjoy the scenery because eventually, even the best of us will wind up in the bunker

"How are you going to react?" said Scott Simpson. "You're out there by yourself and it's up to you."

All that from a golf ball.



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