Mementos taken from funeral home has grieving family upset

9:51 PM, May 27, 2013   |    comments
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St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - A dead man's personal belongings have been taken from a St. Louis funeral home. His family went to pick the items up--only to find out they were handed over to strangers the day before.

It's happening at the Kutis Funeral home in south city. The family came back to the parlor on Sunday, a day after the services to pick up mementos including a lock of hair and a crucifix left behind by a 48 year old father.

Leslie John Granadillo leaves behind a wife and two boys ages 11 and 6. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer many years ago and lost his battle last week. The family is grieving the loss of life and now the loss of precious mementos.

"There was no sense of urgency it was more like oh, well sorry," says family member Oliver Wever.

He explains they went back to pick up the small bag of items to learn it was already picked up, but by someone they don't know.

Wever says he was told that a funeral home employee saw people digging in the dumpster, behind the funeral home looking for flowers from the day's services.

"She waved them around the front and her and the other gentleman that were working there proceeded to help the people load the flowers and the bag of mementos into this car of people that were apparently there just trying to get flowers out of a dumpster," says Wever.

He says the employee gave him a description of the people who took off with the items.

"They were very nervous they were very rushed they looked like crack heads, they looked homeless, shouldn't that have been a red flag saying wait a minute shouldn't we call someone?" he says.

The family is now missing their loved one's lock of hair, crucifix, guestbook and medallions. All of the items are in a black bag and Wever says they won't press charges or push for anyone to lose their job they just want people to look out for a black bag.

"Drop it in a mailbox, do something just don't throw it away because it's a very important treasured memento for two little boys who just lost their daddy," he says.

When we approached Kutis about the incident, they said they have no comment and have to wait until Tuesday for a director to talk to us.
St. Louis city police are investigating.


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