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Financial statements handed to wrong credit union client

9:40 PM, Jun 14, 2013   |    comments
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By Elizabeth Matthews

EAST ALTON, Ill. (KSDK) - Personal information including social security numbers, addresses and bank account numbers were given to the wrong customer. It happened about a week ago at the First Mid-America Credit Union in East Alton.

The credit union says it was just an accident, but a client says private information of three people was compromised when the institution gave the statements to the wrong person.

The Durocher family is moving out of a rental property and into their own home. The moving process includes packing and paperwork. Kelly Durocher says her husband went to the credit union to get six months worth of statements to show their lender and he was given his statements and statements for three other people.

"These included their full names, addresses, account numbers, social security numbers, an itemized transaction list and their full account balances," said Durocher.

She tells me they didn't know they were given the other statements until the lender asked them "Who's are these?"

"This is a pretty big deal for just strangers to receive all of that information first hand from your bank, you know that's a pretty big deal," said Durocher.

The family quickly returned the private information to the credit union and was given an explanation.

"An employee informed him that they have a new system," she said. "I guess and that this has happened before, I don't know how many times they didn't say, but they did say more than once that this has happened."

Amber Scott, vice president of marketing for First Mid-America Credit Union says the situation is isolated. They don't have a new system and it was a human error. She tells us there is no record of this happening before.

Durocher says the whole this is concerning and scary.

"If this happened to us and we received these other people's information how many other people has this happened to that they are I am sure not aware of," said Durocher.

No one with the branch wanted to go on camera, but they did explain their side of the story. Scott says the other customers involved have been notified about the mix up. She says they are having internal discussions about the situation.

Also, the Durocher family says they will remain clients at the credit union.


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