3 runners carry torch in Illinois for fundraiser for Boston

6:21 PM, Jun 22, 2013   |    comments
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Marine, IL (KSDK) - Runners across the country are hitting the pavement this month for Boston. The fundraiser "One Run For Boston" is a month long relay from L.A. To Boston.

This group has already raised more than $62,000 which will go to the the One Fund Boston.

About every ten miles across America this is the scene.

These runners are part of the nationwide relay.

"The first time I heard about it I thought how can I be a part of it," says runner Gwen Kingsbury.

Thousands of runners are participating across america, but in this small stretch in Illinois the 14 miles from Marine to Pocohontas, there are three of them.

Locals Troy Heeman and Ginger Kabureck are both running for their families.

"That could have been my family that was waiting for me to cross the finish line," says Heeman.

"I cannot imagine being a runner and worrying about them every time I run, so I know that that is going to be weighing heavily on my mind," says Kabureck.

For Kingsbury, who traveled from Des Moines, Iowa to take part, her reason is a little more personal.

"We were walking back to the house and we heard them go off," says Kingsbury.

She was there in Boston running the marathon, when her life changed.

"It didn't take long for us to hear what had happened," she says.

Now when she runs she sometimes thinks about Boston, but maybe more importantly it inspires her do more, run longer, faster, harder.

"To be a part of something that is bigger than me and for me to be able to come down here is just, I feel like I am giving back," says Kingsbury.

For all of three of them, they say nothing will stop them.

"I become a part of something, a relay across America," says Heeman.

"I'm going to continue to run no matter what and I am going to continue to get others to run," says Kabureck.

The relay is supposed to end in Boston on June 30.

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