Adam Paul permanently reinstated as Ellisville mayor

12:06 PM, Jul 1, 2013   |    comments
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ELLISVILLE, Mo. (KSDK) - Less than one month after a county judge temporarily reinstated Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul, a county court issued an order Monday permanently reinstating Paul to that office.

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The Ellisville City Council voted to remove Paul from office in April on charges of violating the city charter by allegedly over reaching his authority as mayor and for incompetence in conducting city business.

But Adam Paul said the council wanted him out of office because the developer of a controversial Wal-Mart wanted more tax breaks from the city for another project. Paul ultimately declined to testify or even have his attorneys offer a defense in the impeachment hearing.

Paul was elected April 3, 2012. On February 11, 2013, former councilwoman Kathryn James filed the complaint to remove Paul from office. The city council voted to suspend the mayor on February 27.

The Ellisville City Council voted 5-1 Monday to impeach the mayor on April 8. Paul filed suit to be reinstated 10 days later.

Public records show the city council spent at least $93,000 in taxpayer funds to remove Paul from office. Costs include attorneys' fees, overtime for police officers, court reporter fees, and $8,000 for a public relations firm.

In May, the Ellisville City Council, featuring three new members elected largely by Adam Paul supporters, took up a new vote to reinstate the mayor. The vote was tied 3-3 and thus Paul was kept out of office.

However, the St. Louis County Judge David Lee Vincent ruled June 10 that Paul may have been improperly removed from office and his right to due process violated.


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