Gov. Quinn writes stricter rules Into concealed carry bill

10:08 PM, Jul 2, 2013   |    comments
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BELLEVILLE, Ill. (KSDK) - Pat Quinn has exercised his power as governor to change the conceal carry gun law in Illinois.

At a news conference Tuesday, Quinn was surrounded by supporters of gun control. Many on hand supported the changes Quinn made to the conceal carry law which the governor claims was pushed through the legislature in a hurry with the support of the National Rifle Association.

During the news conference Tuesday, Quinn outlined some provisions in the legislation that he says needed clarification.
Among the changes the governor made were defining what completely concealed means and more transparency with respect to who actually gets a conceal carry permit.

Governor Quinn also wants to gun owners to carrying one gun and one ammunition clip with a maximum of ten rounds.

"Essentially it almost guts the law. They're basically telling criminals what the good guys are going to have and so you pretty much take away the advantage that that concealed carry people would have,"said Amy Chase King, co-owner of Metro Shooting Supplies in Belleville.

For a complete copy of the bill and the governor's proposed changes clickhere.


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