Mike Bush Baseball Camp for Kids who are deaf or hard of hearing

10:03 PM, Jul 7, 2013   |    comments
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By Mike Bush

St. Peters, MO (KSDK)- The sounds of baseball are the soundtrack of summer.

But to the kids on this field, it sounds like this. (silence)

Welcome to the Mike Bush Fantasy Baseball Camp for children who are deaf and hard of hearing. For one week every summer, kids like 9 year old Dominic April learn to play the game with other kids just like them.

"They know when they come here they fit and they belong, "explains Camp Director Cari Hampton

"I like to bat and I got three homeruns! , "exclaims Dominic.

More than 50 campers spend the week learning the game from almost as many volunteer interpreters and coaches like 20 year old Kaylee Martin.

"These kids, they love to play and they love to be here, "says Martin.

And Kaylee should know, she used to be a camper here. She says when you grow up deaf you don't always feel a part of the team.

"I was always singled out of everything, "she says. "I had maybe one or two friends. I got teased a lot growing up."

She comes back now as a volunteer because she says the camp changed her life.

"I came here and just seeing that I was not alone because even though you know you're not, you have to see it, "said Kaylee.

When it first started it was the first of it's kind. Now, 24 years later it's been a whole new ballgame for more than 1,000 kids just like Dominic.

"I like to be here a lot, "he says. "Cause, so I can know the deaf people."

The camp only lasts a week but it stays with these kids much longer..

"When they are here as little kids, it gets in your blood, "says Hampton. "It's in your spirit. And you can't wait to comeback."

The Fantasy Baseball Camp, stepping up to the plate for deaf kids and knocking it out
of the park.

For more information: http://fantasybaseballcamp.org


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