Riverview School District votes to send students to Mehlville School District

10:44 PM, Jul 9, 2013   |    comments
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ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) - Another unaccredited school district met Tuesday evening to decide where they'll bus their students this coming school year.

The Riverview Gardens School District has voted to provide bus service to the Mehlville School District for students who wish to no longer attend the unaccredited school.

PDF: Mehlville School District responds to vote

The state Supreme Court says any student living in an unaccredited school district has the right to go to a neighboring accredited district, with the unaccredited district picking up the tab for transportation.

There aren't a lot of rules or guidelines, so Tuesday night Riverview voted the Mehlville School District as the one district they're willing to send students to, as long as they can take them without becoming overcrowded.

A spokesperson for the Riverview district says their goal is to become re-accredited and get their students back.

At the school board meeting where the announcement was made in Riverview Gardens some said Mehlville is too far away and plan to drive their kids themselves to other districts.  Others say no matter the distance it is worth it for their children to recieve what they believe will be a better education.

On the Mehlville school district's Facebook page Mehlville parents posted concerns that classes are already too crowded.


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