Rachelle Moore speaks about Fabian Teson

6:10 PM, Jul 15, 2013   |    comments
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By Mike Rush

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Ill. (KSDK) - She was the one who called 911 and cradled a fatally injured boy until help arrived. Rachelle Moore comforted 9-year-old Fabian Teson on the side of the road is speaking out as authorities continue to search for a hit and run driver.

On Monday a heartbreaking personal moment happened along Lorraine Drive. Fabian's mother, Jennifer Davlin, slowly walked along the road until she reached the area where Fabian was hit Thursday. She collapsed into the spot and sobbed.

Moments later, she met the woman who comforted Fabian on that awful day, Rachelle Moore.

Thursday afternoon Moore was in her bedroom when, "I heard a loud thump."

She looked out the window and saw Fabian on the ground. She ran out with her cell phone, called 911 and waited with him, talked to him and tried to comfort him.

"I felt like was there anything more I could do for the baby and there wasn't. Just being there for him. I felt it was my duty and my responsibility as a mother to stay there with him," she said.

Fabian died at the hospital Saturday, the same day his mother spoke to Newschannel 5.

On Saturday Davlin told Newschannel 5, "That Thursday I had four boys, and I'll be leaving the hospital, and I'll have three because of this monster plowing down my son."

Investigators are looking for a silver or gray car, possibly a late '90s Pontiac or Chevy Malibu. They say they will set up a road block in the next few days in this area to question people if no progress is made.



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