Hayes Asphalt forced to revisit repaving job

10:05 PM, Jul 17, 2013   |    comments
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By Mike Rush

TROY, Ill. (KSDK) - If you've ever tackled a home improvement, you know they can be expensive.

So when a Metro East man says a business owner approached him with a good deal on a repaved driveway, he jumped on it.

When things didn't turn out as he'd hoped, he turned to 5 on Your Side's Mike Rush to help pave the way to solving the problem.

When it rains, John Lazor worries. His investment washes away.

"Absolutely, going right down the, right down the street," said Lazor. "It wasn't money well spent."

The money was for a repaving job on the driveway on his house in Troy, Ill.

"It would have spruced the driveway up, make it look a little better, increase the selling price of the property," he said.

Lazor says Brandon Hayes, with Hayes Asphalt, approached him in January while Lazor was out doing yard work. He says Hayes told him he had leftover material from another job and his inconvenience could be Lazor's gain.

"It was less than what he would have charged normally because he was trying to get rid of it," said Lazor.

For $650, Hayes Asphalt paved the driveway and Lazor paid more to have the parking area paved too. But it wasn't long before the three thousand dollar job started to show problems. Lazor says Hayes never properly sealed it, so weeds and grass popped through and asphalt washed away, leaving ruts.

"It's starting to look like our old driveway again," he said.

Also, Lazor says the material isn't thick enough. It's supposed to be two inches thick, but that does not appear to be the case.

"I've tried to call him, he hasn't answered the phone at all in the last three months," said Lazor.

After 5 on Your Side's Mike Rush talked to Hayes on the phone, he first agreed to give Lazor his money back, but then he showed up unannounced to redo the driveway. But he didn't redo the parking pad.

And when Hayes didn't return Mike's calls, Mike went to a Collinsville residence listed as his business address. No answer, but Hayes called Mike that same day and promised to finish the job.

"We are satisfied now," said Lazor. "Your pursuit of their business and discussions with them and telephone calls and going out to see them really helped."



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