St. Louis hipster culture

8:09 AM, Jul 23, 2013   |    comments
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By Dana Dean

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Hipster, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is someone "interested in new and unconventional patterns" such as "music or fashion."

And there might be nothing more unconventional than this.

The HandleBar in The Grove, voted best Hipster Bar by the Riverfront Times, throws a daytime dance party on the third Wednesday of every month.

"We want to have fun. Everyone just wants to dance and enjoy themselves. And it's just another excuse to do that. During lunch. On a Wednesday afternoon. Randomly. I don't see why not," said Tatyana Telnikova, HandleBar owner.

From The Grove to Cherokee Street, some say hipster culture is alive and well in St. Louis neighborhoods. Business owner Randy Vines agrees.

"Cherokee definitely has a reputation of kind of being a hipster Mecca in St. Louis," said Vines, co-owner of STL Style.

Whether it is a record shop selling music not currently on the Billboard charts or a quirky clothing store selling stuff you probably won't find in a mall, so-called hipster hangouts can be found on just about every corner. Including a locally owned coffee shop, The Mud House.

"On Yelp, you kind of have to categorize your business and 'hipster' is one of the buttons you can check and I checked it because it's undeniably, undeniably that," said owner Casey Miller.

So what is "that?"

"There's a general vibe. And fashion just comes along with it," said Miller.

Annie McCance, The Mud House customer, said, "Can I put on my sweet, hipster sunglasses?"

"It's how you dress, it's how you think, it's your demeanor, it's your attitude, it's your entire essence," said Vines. "It's just kind of whatever the nouveau; young person's generation culture is of that particular decade or era."

According to, some hipster hangouts include The Mud House on Cherokee Street, Sandrina's in South City, Plush in Midtown, HandleBar in the Grove, Mangia Italiano on South Grand, and Benton Park Café.

KSDK's social media producer weighed in on the most hipster social media sites. She says you can check out StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Pheed, Tumblr and Instagram where you can follow KSDK at @KSDKnews.


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