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St. Louis student transfers: Mehlville and Kirkwood increase number of students they'll take

6:45 PM, Aug 1, 2013   |    comments
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By Tracy Clemons

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. (KSDK) - Mehlville and Kirkwood schools have released the final numbers of students they can take from Riverview Gardens. Both say they can take more than those early estimates.

On Thursday afternoon, Kirkwood upped its number to 175 students that it can take from Riverview Gardens. Mehlville increased its number to 220. There are more than 600 that requested to transfer there.

"We've worked toward trying to accommodate as many students to the best of our ability without compromising educational excellence," says Mehlville Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost.

Kirkwood is the newest player, after finding out earlier this week that Riverview Gardens will bus students there.

"Most of the comments have been very very positive," says Kirkwood Superintendent Dr. Tom Williams. "I think Kirkwood is a very caring community."

KSDK asked Dr. Williams if they'll hire more teachers to go along with the 175 transfers.

"We may. We're going to kind of let things settle," he says. "Right now, we don't think we will have to, but if we do we will spend the resources. We'll do whatever we need to do. Once we get the kids in Kirkwood, they're our kids. We're going to wrap our arms around them and give them the services they need to be successful."

Dr. Knost says the standard of excellence in Mehlville will not be altered with this transfer.

"When we bring new students in, we want them to take part in that," he says.

Knost adds they don't want to compromise that standard.

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