Normandy School District stands to lose quarter of its students

3:20 AM, Aug 2, 2013   |    comments
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By Mike Rush

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Normandy School District Superintendant Ty McNichols says 1,151 students applied to transfer out of the unaccredited district by Thursday's noon deadline.

With an enrollment last year of 4,157 last year, that's about a quarter of the student population.

A steady stream of parents and guardians showed up to the district headquarters up until the deadline to get their kids transferred.

Kiana Woolfolk waited until the last minute because of work, but she's excited about the possibility of her daughter going to the Francis Howell School District.

"I went to Normandy and I know how it is and I just want my kids to be in a better environment and get a better education than what I did when I was in Normandy School District," she said.

Another parent, Frank Bell, says his 16-year-old daughter signed up for Ritenour because she doesn't want to go to Francis Howell.

"With all the controversy going on about, you know, the kids coming out there, bad influence on the other kids, you know I don't want that to be a bad welcoming for my daughter," he said.

But Superintendent McNichols is trying to convince parents to reconsider their decision to leave. At a press conference Thursday, he invited parents to attend a rally Saturday at Normandy High School, where he hopes to change some minds.

"Our work and mission is a journey toward excellence," McNichols told the crowd. "This is the message I will share at the back to school rally, this is the message I will share at school this is the message I will share with the staff and this is the message we will share with each other during the school year."

The Normandy School District stands to lose about $15 million with the transfers. The district's total yearly budget is $50 million.

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