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Old Muny fan blades were not aircraft propellers

8:27 AM, Aug 8, 2013   |    comments
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  • By Heidi Glaus

    ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Summers at The Muny are synonymous with sweating; at least they were before the powers that be uncovered a new kind of fan.

    "The new blades are serrated like a whale's fin. It's called 'whale fin technology' and so it moves more air at a slower speed so we can actually keep them running during the show," explains Larry Pry, Assistant Director of Marketing at The Muny.

    Of course, that was the plan back in 1955 when the old fans were installed.

    "But of course they couldn't, because we all remember how loud they were," Pry says.

    So for more than 50 years the old blades turned during intermission and stopped when the show started.

    "These were the type of blades used in orchards and fields to beat the frost," Pry says.

    And contrary to popular belief, they're not old airplane propeller blades.

    "They're designed just like an airplane propeller, but they're not actually airplane propeller blades," Pry says.

    The old blades are also quite a bit shorter than the new ones, but most importantly: they're really quiet.

    "The audience never really knows they're on except for this wonderful breeze they're feeling," Pry says.

    Proving the winds of change aren't always that bad.









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