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Augusta Bottom Road closed indefinitely

10:38 PM, Aug 25, 2013   |    comments
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AUGUSTA, Mo. (KSDK)- A stretch of Augusta bottom road is closed indefinitely.

The town of Augusta shut it down because of liability issues.

Part of the road is within St. Charles jurisdiction, the other part is in Warren County. The portion that is closed is on the Warren County side, right at the county line.

"This is ridiculous," said Anita Mallinckrodt, a long-time Augusta resident.

She says the closure of Augusta Bottom Road is a big inconvenience. She uses it often and says it's the quickest route connecting Augusta to Washington.

"I am a heart patient and I need to always be assured of the fact that I can get quickly to the hospital," said Mallinckrodt.

The town of Augusta closed the road indefinitely and while Town Board Chairman Bob Hofer said he couldn't comment, in a letter sent to St. Charles and Warren County officials he said the reason was liability issues.

16-year-old Ella Neier was killed in a car crash along the road in 2010 and her parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against several municipalities.

Augusta settled with the family but, the town's insurance carrier terminated coverage effective Sunday. Their new insurance carrier says it will not cover that stretch of the road known as "The Augusta Parkway."

"The town can't accept the risk of not having liability insurance coverage for the Parkway and at the same time leave the Parkway accessible to vehicular traffic," said Hofer in the letter.

"I would categorize this as one big huge mess," said St. Charles County council member, Joe Brazil.

"We spent a lot of money on this road. St. Charles County has so to close it up to the Warren County line makes no sense. If we would have known that we wouldn't have spent one million dollars in the last two years on this road," Brazil continued.

He wants Warren County to take responsibility for the other portion of the road.

"I'm just a little disappointed with Warren County and what they have done, what they haven't done, they haven't done anything and I am really disappointed with that," said Brazil.

The presiding commissioner of Warren County says he can't comment because of the lawsuit, other than to say the stretch of road is not the county's responsibility.

St. Charles County is holding a public hearing on the closure on September 5th at 7 p.m. at Augusta Elementary school.



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