Mike Evans mourned by motorcyclist friends

11:42 PM, Sep 1, 2013   |    comments
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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( KSDK ) -- The "Ride of the Century" turned somber for a group of motorcyclists from Southern Illinois.

Their fellow motorcyclist died Saturday night after police say he clipped an undercover officer in an unmarked vehicle.

On Sunday they were riding in honor of their friend, 32-year-old Mike Evans.

They say he was an avid and experienced motorcyclist who has been traveling from Harrisburg, Illinois to St. Louis for the "Ride of the Century" for at least the past three years.

On Sunday they were riding in his memory, wearing green arm bands because they say green was his favorite color. In fact, his friends say Evans always wore a green rag and his motorcycle is green and silver.

This is the first year Kirby Crabtree of Harrisburg wasn't riding next to his best friend and roommate in the "Ride of the Century."

"Everybody here loves to ride motorcycles everything is changing now. We're going to ride for him," said Crabtree.

Evans died Saturday night after he allegedly hit an unmarked police vehicle while he and a group of three other motorcyclists were riding on January avenue.

Police say witnesses told them the motorcyclists were speeding, riding erratically, and doing stunts like wheelies at the time.

A man from Peoria who was with Evans at the time of the crash says he was riding 60 feet behind him and says Evans was not performing any stunts.

"The police can say what they want but Mike he don't ride crazy," said Crabtree.

"He's going to live with everybody here. He is going to live on," he continued.

Police continue to investigate.

Evans is survived by his wife, three children, and two stepchildren.

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