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Water main break causes weekend without water

10:41 PM, Sep 1, 2013   |    comments
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St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - Dozens of families are going on day two of no running water. A 20 inch water main broke just north of the Edward Jones Dome Saturday morning.

Water started bubbling up at the corner of 7th and Biddle and flowed into nearby streets. Residents are told it will be sometime Monday morning before it's fixed and the water is back on.

Until you don't have it, you take it for granted. Especially in triple digit temperatures.

Demetris Bogard shows us around his apartment that currently has no running water.

"No water to drink, thirsty and it's very hot," says Bogard. "It's the same thing for in here, now water in there, the tub, can't brush your teeth, wash your face, toilet don't flush."

He says it's been like this since Saturday morning. That's when just down the street from his apartment the city water division says a 20 inch water main broke.

Some residents called Alisha Franklin who is with the St. Louis Housing Authority. She says she's been in contact with the Cambridge Heights property manager.

"They called the City of St. Louis and put out two Johnny on the Spots for them, they are bringing in a water wagon so they can have fresh water and access to water," says Franklin.

Our cameras were there when property management trucks pulled up with pallet of bottled water for the residents.
But like Bogard, most had to leave their homes over the weekend and stay elsewhere.

"They say it's going to be another 12-16 hours before the water is successfully restored to the families apartments," and that notice came after Bogard and 50 other families have been living with no water for more than a day and a half.

We reached out to the property management and did not get a response.

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