Middle East analyst Leah Soibel: So much history and culture has been destroyed in Syrian war

11:13 PM, Sep 2, 2013   |    comments
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ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - A St. Louis native is headed to the Middle East Tuesday. She lives in Israel and works as a Mid-East analyst and shared her perspective on the Syrian crisis with Newschannel 5 before leaving for the region.

Leah Soibel works to help Spanish-speaking journalists from around the world cover the Middle East. She worries that terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and Hezbollah are growing stronger during the chaos of this crisis.

And while she knows both Congress and public opinion are divided over whether the U.S. should get involved, Soibel says some aspects of the situation in Syria are indisputable.

"I was there a long time ago," the Parkway North graduate said, "but I can tell you the people are warm and there is so much culture and so much history that has been destroyed in the ancient civilization that is Syria."

It's estimated that half of the roughly two million people made refugees by the crisis are children. 

"More than anything we need to remember what's going on with the children over there," Soibel said. "These children are senselessly suffering."

"If there isn't an action now it only means somewhere down the road it's going to get worse," Soibel said.


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