St. Louis police officer receives racially-charged letter

7:55 PM, Sep 4, 2013   |    comments
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By Farrah Fazal

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - It looked like a regular envelope with a name on it.

Somebody put it in an internal public mailbox at the South City substation of the St. Louis Police Department. The officer who opened it had no idea some of the 39 words in the letter were laced with slurs and expletives. A St. Louis Police Department spokeswoman would only say her department is doing a criminal and internal investigation into who sent the letter. 

This is what it said: 

"You black (slur). We want you out of our station. We want your black (slur) dead. (Expletive) your medals. If an aide call comes out for you WE WON'T RESPOND. KILL YOURSELF (slur) OR WE WILL. 
Respectfully, South Patrol."

"To see it communicated in such a blatant way infuriates me," Sgt. Darren Wilson of the Ethical Police Society said. 

He represents African American police officers on the force. He knows the officer who got the letter. 

"I think he went through some denial, some seclusion, maybe some fear, insecurity," Wilson said. "He's very well-liked, very popular. He's an excellent officer, he's got an excellent reputation. It's heart-wrenching and heart breaking for us to know that element is among us."

He said the letter likely came from someone within the substation but he said most officers have access to all of the stations. Wilson said the racist letter doesn't surprise him. 

"Those type things are prevalent and still exist. We're not going to be ignorant to it. We're not going to pretend these issues don't exist," Wilson said. 

He said the officer who got the letter is getting support from his fellow officers, both black and white. He's filed an official complaint. Wilson said Police Chief Sam Dotson is taking steps to protect the officer's safety.


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