Cardinal Dolan weighs in on idea of married priests

10:38 AM, Sep 12, 2013   |    comments
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VATICAN CITY (KSDK) - Some surprising words from a top official at the Vatican. The Catholic Church may be open to the idea of married priests.

The pope's new secretary of state says the issue of priest celibacy is open to discussion. He says celibacy is not "church dogma," although the tradition dates back to the fourth century.

St. Louis native Cardinal Timothy Dolan says subjects like this aren't off the table.

"This pope is saying hey we've got a gem here, am I open to listening to people talk about it and wondering about how we can make it more effective, you bet," said Dolan.

This comes on the heels of Pope Francis' comments that Catholics should not judge homosexuals.

Francis, who became pope in March, has been widely viewed as bringing a fresh and more liberal view to the Vatican.


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