5 on Your Side: Verizon slow to fix money mix-up

10:41 PM, Sep 26, 2013   |    comments
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By Mike Rush

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. (KSDK) - Frozen pizza on his birthday, leftovers on his anniversary. That's all a Chesterfield man tells us he could afford after he says Verizon Wireless accidentally stripped his account of hundreds of dollars.

David Kincade says the company that once had the slogan "Can you hear me now?" wasn't hearing his demands to correct the problem, until he contacted 5 on Your Side's Mike Rush.

Here's some of the things Kincade said to Verizon during many e-mails to the company as he attempted to get his money back.

"Just to let you know I'm still without my money."

"Ramen Noodles for dinner?"

"Give my money back.

"That is theft by fraud."

Call it an e-mail onslaught. The strategy was daily digital bombs Kincade launched hoping to break a bureaucracy holding hundreds of his dollars hostage.

"Do you intend to talk to me as promised? Do you intend to return my money? Please do both immediately," Kincade read from one e-mail.

Here's how it started.

"I had broken my phone and so I went on Verizon's website to see what phones were available," he said.

Kincade picked a phone and a plan to pay for it in installments and made his first payment online.

Reporter: "You were intending to put down a down payment of about $27, they ended up charging you more than $700?"

Kincade: "$701.50, yes."

He canceled the order, and Verizon promised to refund his money in a couple of days, but it dragged on and on. So 5 on Your Side's Mike Rush called Verizon and the same day, well, we'll let Kincade tell you in an e-mail he sent to Mike.

"Subject: Wow. At 6:20 pm today, my bank account was credited $701.50 that I was owed," Kincade read.

"Could not be that big of a coincidence," Kincade said.

And in its seeming frenzy to suddenly make things right, Verizon credited the money a second time.

Rush: "Are you going to wait to return the money to them as long as they waited to return your money to you?"

Kincade: "I had thought about maybe dragging my feet but no, I'm going to do it in a timely manner."

Verizon tells 5 on Your Side in order to protect Kincade's privacy, the company can't discuss why the refund took so long.



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