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11-year-old on trial for murder plot in Colville, Wash.

8:54 PM, Oct 10, 2013   |    comments
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By Ian Cull

COLVILLE, Wash. (KXLY/CNN) - The trial of an elementary school boy accused of plotting to kill a classmate started in Washington Thursday. Young students took the stand to describe how the alleged plot developed.

It was an eerie day in Stevens County court. Young kids coming in and out talking about plots of murder, and even rape. Seeing the knife and gun as evidence in court made the case real.

"I was sitting in my seat and he was right across from me, and he was messing with a knife," said one child.

We can't show you any of the kids faces because they're juveniles, but we heard first from the boy who turned in the defendant, who has since been declared a hero in Colville.

"I didn't tell any students, but I did tell a teacher," he said.

Another witness, a friend, says the defendant was targeting a girl who made fun of him. He also explained when he first heard of the plan, and was offered cash to keep quiet.

Attorney: "When did he first tell you that he wanted to hurt some classmates?"

"Probably two weeks before February 7th," said the boy.

Defense attorneys are trying to find inconsistencies in the state's case, and how teachers and law enforcement found and documented the knife and gun.

But then a school counselor testified the boy had anger challenges and extreme outbursts. She claims when he was caught on February 7, he confessed.

"He said he was going to use the knife to kill (the victim) and that (another boy) was supposed to use the gun to hold off anybody or stop them from interfering with his plan," said Deborah Rogers.

A second juvenile defendant in the case pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, juvenile possession of a firearm and witness tampering charges earlier this summer. A judge sentenced him to three to five years in custody.


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