Flesh-rotting drug Krokodil finding its way to Illinois

7:30 AM, Oct 14, 2013   |    comments
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KSDK - A powerful heroin-like drug that rots flesh and bone has made an appearance in Illinois, authorities say.

Known on the street as "krokodil," the caustic homemade opiate is made from over-the-counter codeine-based headache pills mixed with iodine, gasoline, paint thinner or alcohol. When it's injected, it destroys a user's tissue, turning their skin a scaly green akin to a crocodiles. Festering sores, abscesses and blood poisoning are common.

Doctors in suburban Chicago report treating at least five cases this month - including one case where a woman lost part of her legs.

The drug made its first reported appearance in the United States back in September.


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