Lincoln County Deputy Charged With Manslaughter For Killing 2 At Traffic Stop

9:42 AM, Feb 3, 2006   |    comments
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A former Lincoln County Sheriff's Deputy faces criminal charges for the shooting deaths of two men last October. 26-year old Nicholas Forler is charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter. The Missouri Attorney General says he acted recklessesly in the shooting deaths of Tyler Teasley and Michael Brown. His sister Tara Brown says, "I think it's a good decision that he's being charged. I thought he was going to get out of it." Teasley's uncle, Ray Norton, says, "There's no satisfaction. It should be murder. Involuntary manslaughter is a joke. But I'm surprised the way the law is. I'm surprised there's anything." It happened last October. Teasely and Brown had been pulled over for speeding. Forler fired into their truck when, he says, it rolled back toward him. While the victim's families argue the shooting was unjustified, Forler's attorney believes otherwise. Joseph McCulloch says, "I think that when the evidence is reviewed, and in light of the circumstances that night, and with regard to their past history of running from the police and stuff like that, I think that you'll find that his actions were justified." Forler was booked at the jail, then bonded out Thursday afternoon. Lincoln County Sheriff Dan Torres says he continues to support Forler. But as of now, he is no longer an employee. Torres spoke to Forler on Thursday. He says, "He understands that there is the legal system, because he works with the legal system. He understands that this is not the end. This is just the beginning of another phase of the system." The families of both men have protested in front of the department each week since the shooting. They say they're glad that after three months some action has finally been taken. Tara Brown says, "We need closure, but it will never be forgotten." The Lincoln County Sheriff's Department has made some changes since the shooting. Now all deputies will carry digital audio and video recorders. They say they want to document all future incidents. Nicholas Forler's first court date has been set for Feburary 21st.


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